VIEW Magazine

iPad app Design and Publishing

VIEW Magazine launched on Apple’s iOS platform as one of the first original and independent photography magazines available on the iPad. After refreshing it several times and using a variety of different technology solutions, VIEW Magazine has been transformed into a responsive website which can be perused here:

VIEW Magazine was originally created using the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (pre-release version) which works quite seamlessly with Adobe’s InDesign software. This is the same solution used by Wired, The New Yorker and other publications to create their magazines. We wanted to explore this exciting new way of communicating and VIEW Magazine on iOS was the result of that work. Because of our early work with this new platform we were able to offer a variety of clients a complete publishing solution for interactive digital magazines for the iPad, from conception to publishing on the App Store.

Once Adobe’s DPS system launched and proved to be quite expensive for small companies/publishers we looked for another solution. After months of reworking the content we republished the magazine using a different system (QuarkXPress’ App Studio), and added new issues soon after.

Last year VIEW Magazine was eventually transformed to a responsive website, one that we felt could reach more people, regardless of the device or platform they happen to be using.