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FusionLab was hired to do a total redesign of the Olana website within a short timeframe in preparation for their 2019 summer season. Tight deadlines are always a challenge but because of the synergy experienced from day-one between us and the team at Olana we were able to accomplish our mission without a hitch.

Known locally as simply “Olana”, we began our redesign by teasing out their name from a complicated wordmark involving partnership identities, letting it assume its vernacular mantel in the dark aubergine navbar inspired by the richly muted palette of Frederic Church’s interiors. This first step set the tone for the pared down and precise direction of the new design, allowing visitors to easily access pertinent information at a glance, especially on their mobile devices where good user-interface is critical.

Olana’s website is built on a customized WordPress CMS (content management system), including a customized Shopify theme for their store. Ticket sales are handled using a third-party online ticket sales company that seamlessly integrated our design through close collaboration.

And if a picture can tell a thousand words then a homepage video speaks volumes for this gorgeous and iconic Hudson Valley destination!

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