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Moleskine iOS app

Moleskine is the much-loved Italian notebook brand with a very devoted world-wide following. Based on a nameless little black French notebook of legend, Moleskine today has branched out with a line of accessories supporting the cultural activities of traveling, sketching and writing in the spirit of Vincent van Gogh, Ernest Hemingway and other historical figures devoted to the original little black notebook.

Moleskine approached FusionLab with a vision to extend their historical brand into the digital world. Because Moleskine has such a devoted fan base, the client was concerned about preserving the experience of a Moleskine notebook while properly embracing what the digital world has to offer. Through a rigorous process of defining what a digital Moleskine journal can or should feature and informed by our own backgrounds as artists with a history of using Moleskine notebooks, we were able to define and refine a highly-detailed brief encapsulating our ideas and design approach to a new journaling app in the venerable name of Moleskine. Upon reviewing our approach and recommendations, including preliminary visual drafts, FusionLab was hired to execute this roadmap on the iOS platform.

We made sure the all-new digital Moleskine Journal app features the attributes users cherish most in a Moleskine notebook: simplicity and elegance. The look and feel is classic Moleskine. Tap the familiar cover to enter a journal and a powerful range of tools and templates – everything one needs for creativity, productivity and passion.

The artist toolset comes with paintbrush, Moleskine pencil, Moleskine pen and Moleskine black eraser to use on a choice of three Moleskine paper styles (plain, ruled, squared), or page templates from some of the most popular Moleskine journals, including the Moleskine Weekly Planner, Moleskine Passion Recipe Journal and Moleskine Storyboard Notebook.

Use the Moleskine Journal app as you would your physical journal – take notes, draw, paint, add photos and collage. Save cherished images or text in the signature inner pocket. Or share your creations with the world by email, twitter, Evernote and Facebook.

We continue to optimize the app and enhance it with requested features and options while making sure it remains a solid Moleskine product.

Download the free app through the iTunes app store here.

Moleskine® is a registered trademark of Moleskine SpA.