Independent Curators International

Website Design, Coding and Programming


Last year Independent Curators International (ICI) approached us to design a new section of their site for a special anniversary of the “do it” art project. ICI also asked us to review their existing CMS and give our feedback on overall site usability as they felt the current navigation and CMS were not working as well as they should.

Through an extensive and methodical engagement we collaborated with ICI’s staff and executive director to address several issues. This led to an overhaul of the existing site including a new drop-down navigation with section filters; a new interactive map that shows all ICI-related projects throughout the world; recoding the site for a new responsive site design including a custom design for mobile devices. This process also called for a major cleanup of the existing CMS (built using ExpressionEngine) and a thorough documentation of the site’s back-end was created to help staff members quickly navigate through the process of adding content.

ICI has already noticed an uptick in site traffic and reported that site visitors have also stayed on the site longer, exploring sections that before had been hard to find.

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